at the table of our humanity

at the table of our humanity
we sit
each      one

i      you      he      she      we      them      us

we are loving people
with goodness, compassion, kindness pouring
forth from our pores
emanating from our whole

we are hurting
people with broken open places festering
with fear oozing with hatred
anger, sadness, shame

we are flesh tender
tough bruisable bendable
penetrated protected soft
black white pink olive brown black

we are spirits energy
courses through our meridians making us
i      you      he      she      we      them      us

we are eyes are windows shining
our selves forward our souls
forth we are faces beaming bright
lights of laughter
smiling warmth, welcome
holding withholding tenderness tears truth

we’ve been torn up by trusting
wrongly terrorized by our innocence
taken twisting, contorting, trying
not to betray ourselves

it is hard to be
i      you      he      she      we      them      us

can we at least agree on that? and can we therefore
also agree to a truce?

fighting for our survival
our starved souls scavenging
mere crumbs of love at this table
of our shared humanity

can we?
please? can we eat
at the table of our equality where there’s more
than enough for everyone?

can we acknowledge
one and all we are
on the same journey

we need each other to make it

none of us gets out
of this alive but we don’t have to kill
each other trying
to survive it

at this table i’ll extend
my listening ear to hear you
with my heart to feed your soul

at this table can you please
pass the salt so my wounds
can heal? it can hurt
to heal

at this table can you please pass up
the temptation to use words that cut
like knives? to use vinegar
instead of honey? can you pour on grace
like gravy? can we send
the anger back
to the kitchen

or at least not serve it while it’s boiling
hot we don’t
need burning
tongues to express
our injured hearts

we all need to say i’m sorry
i hurt you i failed i hope not
irreparably so

can we nurse the hurt like
a full-bodied red sipping and succoring
our sorry souls?

we all need to be forgiven

all we want is to be free
we all want to be free knowing
no harm will be done us i promise
no harm in return i promise
no harm no matter what

because that is how it starts
it starts with me within me love
and grace can take wing

regardless of you, i fly free
but we can all be free
if we undo the shackles
of our hatred holding
our hearts hostage

we can soar

this is true for
i      you      he      she      we      them      us


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